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Vibrational Radiesthesia:  This is a form of vibrational dowsing (different from mental dowsing or asking question) where I use a pendulum, charts and other tools to evaluate aspects of a person’s health and spiritual needs. I use Vibrational Radiesthesia to determine which modalities on the menu are currently beneficial for a client. I can also test for food sensitivities, allergies, supplements, relationship compatibility and numerous things on non-physical plane. I work with a powerful set of dowsing charts that lead us in the quest for information.

Inside-Out:  Inner Work and Spiritual-Psychotherapy

Spiritual Guidance and Counselling:  Drawing from a lifetime of spiritual studies, practices and experiences, I engage with people through conversation and a variety of tools to assess where they are on the spiritual map and support them in exploration of unconscious aspects.

Ozscope:  This is a powerful tool for acquiring self-knowledge and exploring the shadow side. I developed the Ozscope over the course of a few years and have conducted hundreds of sessions with clients since the mid-90′s (culminating in my first book Secrets of the Yellow Brick Road). This process is neo-shamanistic, where I take a person into the dreamtime (waking-dreaming state) and guide them into their personal Land of Oz to meet their inner Oz characters – representing parts of themselves. Analogous to an x-ray, the Ozscope provides a clear picture of what is going on beneath the surface and how a person is configured inwardly – providing clues as to why they are manifesting what they are in their personal Kansas – their outer world.

Focusing:  This 6 step, body-oriented therapy is more effective than the usual talk-therapy because it keeps a person in touch with the “felt-sense” in the body while unfolding and exploring an issue. When done successfully, a person will experience a tangible sense of release and new energy.

Meditation ~ From First-Steps to Advanced Methods:  This is the foundation for well-being when using the relevant techniques. Many people struggle with eastern forms of meditation – trying to silence the mind. I trained with the Clairvision School of Meditation, learning methods that span both passive and active forms of meditation – where the mind is engaged and spiritualized. In sessions, I meditate with people, guiding clients from first-steps to advanced and tailor-made practices.

I Ching:  I have been consulting the I Ching, the ancient Chinese Book of Changes, for close to 10 years. It has been a reliable divination tool and ally, connecting me to source guidance with questions about relationships, business, travel, etc. I offer this service for free and teach how to use it. It can also be done over the phone or through email.

Past Life and Current Life Biography Exploration:  While doing self-development work, past life information may need to emerge as part of the journey of expanding consciousness. I have accessed information about my past 4 lives on my own, which has been very helpful and produced substantial shifts in my perspective. Learning to access this sort of information through inner work should be one of the most important pursuits of modern seekers – making one’s karma clearer, and diminishing the focus on less important issues.

Prayer, Confession, Forgiveness and Restitution:  A person can carry shame for years. In some cases, a person may not even be aware of any wrong but feels an uneasiness or vexation in their spirit. When one is out of alignment, to admit in privacy, with another human being, the nature of their misalignment can unburden the soul and turn the page for new spiritual life.  I provide a prayerful space for people to look at the ways that need mending and seek guidance for restitution. Prayer with another person is possibly one of the most powerful forces on Earth.

Relationship Coaching, Communication Skills and Conflict Mediation:  When with the Rudolf Steiner Centre, I developed a course called Skilled Friends teaching psychotherapy techniques for everyday interactions. I was inspired to do this because I saw how even “spiritual” people struggled with being effective in facilitating others processing. I can provide the service as mediator for conflict resolution, however I especially enjoy coaching people on principles for better communication, process facilitation and relationships.

Intention Anchoring:  The Busby Pebble Technique uses Vibrational Radiethesia to determine the digital code of an intention you would like to “set in stone.” A small stone is then programmed with this code in a specific way, anchoring the intention into it. You then keep the Busby Pebble with you to amplify your intention and attract the desired results.

Plant Spirit Medicine:  This is not something I consider myself an expert about. However, after a retreat to Peru to experience ten ceremonies with the popular Amazonian brew, then diving into a deep study of it and more ceremonies, I find myself supporting others who wish to explore this path. I’ve also found myself hosting ceremonies and “Sacred Socials” for people to exchange experiences and learn about it. I act as a consultant/support in exploring plant-spirit medicine as a means of self-discovery, healing and initiation.

… and Outside-In:  Energy-Body Work

Chakra Tuning:  The chakras are important power centres in the subtle bodies, and even extend beyond the physical body. Vibrational pendulum dowsing is used to determine if a specific chakra needs special attention. The body is also scanned to determine if there are blockages or deficits in the energy field. From this, one or more of the modalities below is used to remedy the health of the chakra and energy field.

Sound Therapy:  Vibrational Radiethesia is used to determine which tones are needed for a soundbath, choosing from the 30+ quartz crystal singing bowls to cleanse and tune the energy field. Other instruments are also used.

Colour Therapy:  Colour-Puncture and Pranic Colour healing are the methods used. The colours required are dowsed.

Biogeometry:  Vibrational Radiethesia is used to determine which Biosignatures can address imbalances on the 7 planes of nature (physical, life body, astral body, mental, causal, etc). The suitable Biosignatures are then applied to the energy field, transferring shape information and beneficial frequencies into a person’s energy field.

Essential Oils:  Dowsing is used to determine which of the therapeutic-grade essential oils are beneficial and where they would be best applied to the body.  A series of oil applications is put on the body, particularly along the spine to open the energy channels/meridians and activate the chakras and chi. This is not only pleasant aromatherapy but also targets a variety of aliments in both the physical and energy bodies. This works well in conjunction with colour and sound therapy.

Energy-Body Work:  Working with essential oils I combine different energy-body techniques:  Therapeutic Touch to bring healing to the aura;  Effleurage or light sweeping of the aura to stimulate chi flow;  Chi-Gong Body Reflexology to facilitate the release of trauma from the body and instill a sense of well-being … a.k.a. the Taoist inner smile  :-)

Polarity Switching, Tapping Technique and Eye Movement Release:  All these techniques are adapted to the clients needs and profoundly rebalance the subtle energies while releasing stored up stress and trauma in the body. I teach the use of each of these modalities.

Expressive Art Therapy for Personal Alchemy:  I guide people in the use of different artistic mediums such as clay modelling, drawing, voice, sacred geometry and Eurythmy movement therapy developed by Rudolf Steiner.  Artistic expression is a two-way street, allowing things to flow from the inside out, as well as working on the outside to “alchemize” the inner life.

Set, Setting and Sessions

Setting: The setting for this work is my loft space, which has been groomed and seasoned energetically for over 10 years. It is a vibrational oasis with layers of protection to balance the environment and create a calm hub in the heart of the city. This is a healing zone, providing an energetic envelope where a person can relax and receive from the environment, the work and from the revitalizing depths of their own being.

Set: The “mind-set” of a therapeutic practitioner is part of the equation of the work. I have been involved in healing and spiritual work since early in my life and have cultivated a capacity as an “empath” to determine what someone is experiencing on the levels of body, soul and spirit. My background has trained me to frame the issues of a person’s life as part of their spiritual initiation.

Sessions: I don’t rush my sessions and allow up to 2 hours. Each session usually begins with meditation. I then use a pendulum and the menu of modalities to determine vibrationally which modes to engage. I believe strongly in the educational component as part of healthy growth, which is why I take time to teach important information to empower people.

Rates:  I function within the “gift-economy” model and offer services by exchange or donation.

About Jesse Stewart:  My journey has been full of eclectic trainings, experiences and challenges. I view it all as initiation into higher capacities. In the 90s, I suffered from chronic-fatigue syndrome for 2 years and had to realign on every level: physical, energetic, egoic, relationship, career, karmic, etc.  In my healing work, my background training is important – but so is what I have acquired spiritually through life.

Jesse G.L. Stewart

900 Queen St. W.
Loft 205
Toronto, ON M6J 1G6

MAP:  https://goo.gl/maps/mQFnr




Interview about Ozscope:   http://youtu.be/oc0UxKC3q4g   (starts @ 4 minutes in)

Click for Book:  Secrets of the Yellow Brick Road ~ With Get Moving Guidebook

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