Tuning You ~ Tuning the World

Private soundbaths for individuals, couples and groups are available at a studio in the Queen West and Ossington area, Toronto.

Relax deeply as the waves of pure vibration wash through you.

“A soundbath with Jesse is a unique experience with many remarkable qualities. His large and opulent array of crystal bowls creates a rich and saturated soundfield that reaches you aesthetically, sensually and viscerally. The pure tones of the bowls penetrate flesh and consciousness in a way that transcends ordinary music: grounding, healing and enlivening. Jesse has the sensitivity needed to “read the field” of the person in his care, and the responsiveness needed to work with it in the moment. His expert modulations of tone, melody, harmonics and rhythm will create exactly the soundbath you need at that moment. Highly recommended!”
Peter Copping – Pranaforms Designer


For more info:

Call:  416-894-8111

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I have a large array of hand-picked quartz crystal singing bowls, which uniquely includes a full chromatic scale of perfect pitch bowls. I also use other sound instruments, including voice, in this therapeutic modality. Much of the work is about “landing” new spaces. If a client wishes, I can offer spiritual-psychotherapy which I have practiced for many years. I have had a lifetime interest in music, both writing and performing. This combined with influences from Murray Schafer, has led to the development of my crystal bowl healing, which I call The Tuning of the World, after one of Murray’s books, a classic in soundscape research.  Jesse Stewart

“My soundbath experience was blissful, sacred and intimate. I found the will to expand, to ‘Be’ in a calm that is pure with no judgements or limits. I knew I was safe in that expansion to experience the  gifts which the sound of the crystal bowls and the mediator, Jesse, brought.”

Lisa Berry – Creator of Dating Your Diet

Woodcut of “The Tuning of the World” from Robert Fludd’s Ultriusque Cosmi Historia (1617)

Float on a river of sound.

The Serving Bowls

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