Secrets of the Yellow Brick Road

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This book, which came out in 1998, looks at The Wizard of Oz (book and film) as an illustration of the modern path of development based on the spiritual perspective of Rudolf Steiner. It examines the way our outer life acts as a mirror of how we are configured inwardly. It includes a Get Moving Guidebook with a very powerful process called the Ozscope, using the Oz characters. This allows a person to get a “living snapshot” of the current state of their inner world, helping them understand what they are manifesting in their lives.

The book is often used as an initiation manual for anyone doing one-to-one work with Jesse.

Video Interview   (starts @ 4 minutes)

It is also a good book for study groups and is excellent as a primer for anyone interested in Waldorf Education.

Secrets of the Yellow Brick Road is available for purchase online and through this website. If you want to be sure to get the latest edition, which includes the Get Moving Guidebook, and instructions on how to use the “Ozscope”, it is best to purchase it from the author through this website.

“Brilliant in conception and elucidation, this exploration of a great myth is original, exciting and profoundly helpful.”

M. Scott Peck – The Road Less Traveled

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Secrets of the Yellow Brick Road