When people ask me what I do, I tell them it depends on the day of the week. I have taught in a number of different of scenarios, including Waldorf schools and in adult education in the Rudolf Steiner Centre. After a decade of musical-theatre madness (writing, directing, acting, singing, dancing) I have spent the past 7 years writing a book about my adventures with Canadian cultural icon, R. Murray Schafer (see Books By Jesse).

I have had a lifetime interest in music, both writing and performing. This combined with influences from Murray Schafer, has led to the development of my crystal bowl work, which I call The Tuning of the World, after one of Murray’s books, a classic in soundscape research.

My passion now is using my skills, tools and total being to support others on their journey. I spend a lot of time mentoring to help others focus and develop the things that are really necessary for their evolution. I believe we are being called to be modern day alchemists and need to understand and apply the real powers of growth and transformation. Let’s generate and manifest good things together.


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