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Partnership Planet

I am currently working on a film that describes the development of life on our planet from the perspective of Rudolf Steiner, the philosopher and esoteric teacher of the last century. The working title is Partnership Planet – thus the name of this website. Steiner is famous for how he brought spiritual principles into practical application by inspiring social initiatives such as Waldorf education, Bio-dynamic agriculture, new perspectives in economics, and innovations in the arts such as the etheric movement called Eurythmy.

There are many documentaries that describe Earth’s evolution from a purely materialistic perspective. I want to bring to bear my lifetime study of Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy in creating this film. It will look at life as the unfolding of spirit into matter, and will emphasize that we are in partnership on this planet with all other beings, including invisible ones that work with us. It’s a team project. There are a lot of people ready and hungry for this kind of perspective, so there needs to be a film elaborating on Steiner’s unique perspective.

I am actively seeing funding for the development of this project.

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Film by Jesse